ArkFab Design Meeting, this Friday (Feb. 24th) in Hinman hall at 1 or 2 pm. More details to come.

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Hey folks, tons of info about aquaponics and methane digesters on youtube. These guys from Missouri are awesome –

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Youtube has tons of good info about all we need to do

Hey folks, there is tons of info about BSL on Youtube. Here is one link – The guy hosting this blog has several videos on youtube. I think our key is to ‘go big’. We’ll have 400 lbs of food waste per week, so we have to multiply or scale these designs up.

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Some earthworm info I found

. Prefer neutral to slightly acidic soil.

. It is better to avoid chemical additives, (such as fertilizer- organic matter will suffice).

. Can eat soaked cardboard and paper, but should avoid onion and citrus, (acid), and meats, (creates bad smell).

. From a paper by Jorge Dominguez on earthworm growth with sewage sludge (species Eisenra andres)

.grew about 10-20 mg per worm per day

. Reproduction: Laid anywhere from .05 to 3 cocoons per worm per week, (1 cocoon = 2 to 3 baby worms)

. Sexual maturity took about 2 weeks

. Some less scientific forums cited the following pretty consistently:

. Earthworms eat 1/3 to 1/2 their weight each day

. 1000 worms is about a pound, so with some unit conversion, 1000 worms will eat 230 grams per day

. This could be converted to a volumetric number, but I don’t know the density of our substrate

. I am going to attach the paper I cited and a pdf that gives some figures for several different species on growth and reproduction rates. Sorry if they don’t show up, as I haven’t got this site completely figured out yet.

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The splitting of tasks between Alpha Phi Omega and ESWB.

Hi ArkFabers,

I thought we’d split the tasks (i.e. the process) in half where one group would take the:

1.  First half = incoming food waste, saw dust, etc —  blacksoldier fly larvae/earthworms — compost / mushroom substrate

and the other group would take the:

2.  Second half = Aquaponics  including the Tilapia, biofilter, and duckweed.

When designing each of these halves, keep in mind its construction.  How is it going to be constructed?  What materials do we need?  Where do we get these materials?  Can we get the materials at a low cost?  Once example of a low cost item is shelving for the mushrooms which could be from abandoned shopping malls around town.

If you have any questions, please let me know.  If you have any questions for Truly Living Well who will manage the site, I can put you into contact with them.



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ArkFab Design

This site is intended for the ArkFab design process to be accessible to the design club. Pages will be added for each of the unit processes. You can get administrative access to update the pages or you can leave comments.

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