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Some earthworm info I found

. Prefer neutral to slightly acidic soil.

. It is better to avoid chemical additives, (such as fertilizer- organic matter will suffice).

. Can eat soaked cardboard and paper, but should avoid onion and citrus, (acid), and meats, (creates bad smell).

. From a paper by Jorge Dominguez on earthworm growth with sewage sludge (species Eisenra andres)

.grew about 10-20 mg per worm per day

. Reproduction: Laid anywhere from .05 to 3 cocoons per worm per week, (1 cocoon = 2 to 3 baby worms)

. Sexual maturity took about 2 weeks

. Some less scientific forums cited the following pretty consistently:

. Earthworms eat 1/3 to 1/2 their weight each day

. 1000 worms is about a pound, so with some unit conversion, 1000 worms will eat 230 grams per day

. This could be converted to a volumetric number, but I don’t know the density of our substrate

. I am going to attach the paper I cited and a pdf that gives some figures for several different species on growth and reproduction rates. Sorry if they don’t show up, as I haven’t got this site completely figured out yet.


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